Coke’s New Ads Claim It’s Part of a Healthy Lifestyle


Here’s a first post to kickstart the blog.
Thanks to Tzu Hsuan for sharing the article with us 🙂

Interesting food for thought: Coke (that so many of us love) is generally agreed upon to be unhealthy because of the sugar and acid content yet the company is now boldly proclaiming themselves to be part of a healthy lifestyle. I guess we can challenge ourselves to rethink the definition of wellness and what it encompasses. Perhaps “health” and “healthy lifestyle” are not quite the same after all.

Health refers to a physiological/biological/mental state whereas healthy lifestyle might be more than that as the term LIFESTYLE is really broad.

For example if a person smokes and drinks on a regular basis (not excessively) but has a flourishing social circle and excellent relations with family, who is to say that he/she is leading a less healthy lifestyle than someone else who eats healthily and exercises regularly yet wakes up every morning feel unhappy and depressed.

^ might not be relevant but just some reflections from reading the article 🙂 Maybe when we brainstorm about wellness we could really push ourselves to think out of the box rather than just stick with the usual health+fitness default.

Google Dictionary states that Wellness = The state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

But I guess if we associate wellness with a lifestyle more than a physiological/biological/mental state, it could even be applied to human-object and human-human relations.


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