Week 2 Meeting Consolidation! :D

Other concepts:

Tangible emotions: Able to hold/see/feel (tactile) your emotions and handle them well in different circumstances. Inspired by Fairly Oddparents.

(Visible) Status bar for everyone.

Gender switching


Chosen concepts:

Our inspiration: SIMS / SIMS 2: a game of balancing wellness in life. The idea inspired by SIMS is bringing the possibility of a virtual game into reality. So you can plan your “perfected/aspired” routine for your day. Your virtual individual sets off along with you in reality, where you engage in a healthy competition with your virtual self. balancing your real “wellness” in every aspects of life.

Ideation Process:

receipt046 copy


receipt047 copy


i guess the buzzwords here would be motivation, healthy competition (don’t limit to exercise itself)


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